Couples Session

man and woman holding hands white facing sunset
man and woman holding hands white facing sunset

It involves the exploration of how we can live our lives more consciously with the assumption that we are responsible for how we exist in the world and how we respond to the conditions presented to us.My interest is in exploring how the individual members of the couple inhibit themselves from living more of the life they want to lead. Together we discover what strengths they have to move in the direction of a fuller life. We focus on the individual experience of each person in regard to what they want and hope for out of life, what they fear and dread about the future, and how their relationship is an integral part of all of these wants, hopes and fears.During the sessions, I support each of the individuals to fully express their individual experience, and to fully receive and listen to their partner’s individual experience. My intention is to facilitate an understanding and expression of what each member of the couple needs from themselves for their partner and for their relationship. My aim is to encourage them to share their concerns and appreciations as honestly and openly as possible. If we can’t be honest with our partner, we can’t expect our partner to be open and receptive in the relationship. If each member of the couple learns to state their truths fresh in the moment and receive their partner’s truths, fresh in the moment, they will both shift inside of themselves and between each other. Solutions will naturally be found as one’s internal perceptions and feelings change and/or one’s external world and relationships change.In conclusion, couples who work together in their sessions can find that they each communicate and negotiate better with one another. They experience more intimacy and connection with each other and within themselves. They are more aware and respectful of their own and their partner’s concerns.

$ 160 per hour


What is it good for?

Roles in the relationship

Sometimes the roles in the relationship can be unequally distributed, or even realized in the first place, leading to built-up tension and unhappiness.

In couple session, we work to understand how and why both parties view the different roles, and how it affects the relationship overall.

Beliefs and values

Oftentimes, the beliefs and values people have stem from their childhood and past experiences, and when they don't align within the relationship, miscommunication can happen.

Together with a therapist, couples can work towards gaining a clear perspective into each others' beliefs and values.


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woman sitting on brown wooden chair while using silver laptop computer in room
woman sitting on brown wooden chair while using silver laptop computer in room

On top of face-to-face sessions, we also offer online sessions for anyone and everyone.