Shared Sisterhood Groups

We spend from 4 to 8 weeks together where we work on different topics, and all the women have an opportunity to dive deep into it and share about it. We create a safe container to hear other women and be heard, so we always practice deep listening.

During these sessions, we learn not to offer advice and not to try to solve each other's problems, and that everything that is shared there stays there.

The sessions last about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and we provide these sessions Face to Face and Online. The groups have a minimum of 8 women and a maximum of 15.

Next Session

To Be Determined - it depends on the group of women who sign up for the group.

If you have a group of friends ready to sign in, please contact Marilyn, and she can arrange dates for the new group to start.

$25usd per session

$80usd per 4 sessions