Individual Sessions

An individual session aims to help the client develop a more robust, healthier sense of self and access and understand their feelings to help them gain an insight into meaning in life and reach self-actualization. During our sessions, I use techniques that allow individuals to be more aware of their feelings. When we can understand what and how we are feeling, we invite change to happen. We also create a supportive environment where the client can reestablish their true identity. This approach is based on the idea that fear of judgment prevents people from sharing their true selves with the world around them, causing them to establish a public identity instead of navigating a judgmental world. The ability to reestablish their true identity will help the individual understand themselves as they indeed are. Most importantly, the focus of the sessions is to meet your own needs and accomplish your own goals

$ 120 per hour




Get help wherever you are

person wearing watch near laptop
person wearing watch near laptop

On top of face-to-face session, we also offer online sessions for anyone and everyone.